“COVID Hell” in United States as new cases top 150,000 in a single day and deaths head toward 2,000 per day

‘Covid-hell.’ ‘Humanitarian disaster.’ Experts sound the alarm about U.S. coronavirus outbreak.

From the article:

The experts use different language to underscore the situation’s urgency: Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Tom Frieden said the nation is experiencing a “dangerous time.” CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta called the crisis a “humanitarian disaster.” Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, who was recently named to President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, described the situation bluntly as “covid-hell.”

The COVID-19 virus now appears to be spreading uncontrollably in the United States, and will begin overwhelming hospital systems. While the announcement of a vaccine this week is good news, it will not have any effect on the disease for several months. Those months could see a further explosion of cases unless extraordinary steps are taken to stop the spread. 10,000+ dead people per week is the likely path for the foreseeable future.

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