Dozens of people in Texas died of hypothermia due to the power failures

Just unbelievable for a modern nation to see a doomsday collapse like the one seen in Texas. In the process dozens of people have died of hypothermia:

Suspected hypothermia deaths in homes mount in Texas

“With the snow and ice clearing in Texas after days of unusually cold temperatures, bodies are being found of people who likely froze to death as they struggled to stay warm after electricity was cut to millions of homes… They include an 11-year-old boy who died in his bed in Conroe, near Houston, and two older men found dead in their homes in the small West Texas town of Buffalo Gap in Taylor County.”

Electricity and water disaster in Texas

There is no question that the situation in Texas, which was completely preventable with proper regulations and management, has been an unmitigated disaster for millions of people:

‘CATASTROPHE’ Biden declares Texas major disaster after winter storm kills 69 & leaves millions without clean water, power or heat

“THE winter storm death toll continues to mount as millions of Americans are thrust into third-world conditions amid widespread power outages and contaminated tap water. At least 69 people have died of carbon monoxide poisoning, hypothermia, car crashes, house fires, and drownings, among other tragedies related to the freak weather in Texas and neighboring states. “

Many doomsday scenarios are caused by nature or terrorism. This one was caused by incompetence through purposeful deregulation of the grid.

Texas power outages: How the largest energy-producing state in the US failed in freezing temperature
Texas oil expert calls for change after ‘third world’ power outages

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