Gulf Stream Collapse

In “The Doomsday Book” by Marshall Brain, a collapse of the gulf stream is one of those unexpected side-effects of global warming that could have massive effects on both North America and Europe. If the guld stream (along with other parts of the global thermohaline circulation system)These videos help visualize the problems discussed in the chapter:

The Gulf Stream Explained
Is the Gulf Stream collapsing?
From the video’s description: “The Gulf Stream and the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation exert a huge influence on heat and energy distribution around our planet. Research shows that our warming atmosphere is affecting this vital system so profoundly that it’s at risk of shutting down altogether with very severe consequences for our civilization. So what’s going on?”
New Studies Show Ocean Currents Are Weakening, Could Lead To More Extreme Climate – From the video’s description: “According to two new studies an Atlantic Ocean current that helps regulate the global climate has reached a more than 1,000-year low. This could mean more extreme weather across the Northern hemisphere as well as increased sea level along the U.S East Coast. They could also have an impact on ocean ecosystems that rely heavily on ocean currents for their food supply.”
NASA Visualization of Earth’s Thermohaline Circulation system

The Doomsday Book” by Marshall Brain lays out this scenario in amazing detail and offers solutions to prevent this doomsday scenario from unfolding. You can order the book today on Amazon and other retailers.