In “The Doomsday Book” by Marshall Brain, hurricanes and typhoons are a unique doomsday scenario because they can destroy an entire city or region, and they happen multiple times every year. This doomsday scenario happens all the time, and the problem is getting worse because of global warming. For example, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 caused over $100 billion in damage and displaced hundreds of thousands of people from their ruined homes. These videos help you come up to speed quickly:

Hurricane, Typhoon, Cyclone Tracking Maps

Relive 2019’s Hurricane Dorian

In the book, Hurricane Dorian is used to set the scene for how destructive a hurricane can be. Hurricane Dorian devastated Grand Bahama Island in 2019 because: a) it had extremely high sustained winds (185 MPH at landfall), b) it stopped moving and “parked” over the island for approximately 24 hours, and c) it dropped a gigantic amount of rain in that time. Because of the rain plus the storm surge, parts of the island saw flooding as much as 20 feet deep. Note in this video that it is filmed from the second floor of the house:

The Doomsday Book” by Marshall Brain lays out this scenario in amazing detail and offers solutions to prevent this doomsday scenario from unfolding. You can order the book today on Amazon and other retailers.