Many parts of the world will become uninhabitable to humans and animals as the planet heats up

Planet Earth is growing warmer, and as it does we will see parts of the planet become uninhabitable due to heat and humidity. The southeastern United States is vulnerable to this – it will be impossible to go outside without an air conditioned vehicle or suit:

Climate Change Will Make Parts of the U.S. Uninhabitable. Americans Are Still Moving There.

From the article:

The data shows that the warming climate will alter everything from how we grow food to where people can plausibly live. Ultimately, millions of people will be displaced by flooding, fires and scorching heat, a resorting of the map not seen since the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Now as then, the biggest question will be who escapes and who is left behind.

It’s crazy to think that it will come to this – that humans will choose to destroy the planet instead of taking action to stop the burning of fossil fuels. Nonetheless, this is the path humanity is following right now, and it will have gigantic economic and social costs for all human beings unless we as a species change course. See the Global Warming chapter for details. And this video paints a dire picture:

Extreme Heat Could Make One Third of Planet Uninhabitable

The Doomsday Book” by Marshall Brain lays out this scenario in amazing detail and offers solutions to prevent this doomsday scenario from unfolding. You can order the book today on Amazon and other retailers.

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