No Question that Natural Disasters are getting worse due to Climate Change

This article contains a remarkable figure showing that the number of natural disasters (things like hurricanes, flooding, drought, etc.) have nearly doubled over the last 20 years.

UN warns that world risks becoming ‘uninhabitable hell’ for millions unless leaders take climate action

There has been a “staggering” rise in natural disasters over the past 20 years and the climate crisis is to blame, the United Nations said Monday.Researchers pointed to a failure of political and business leaders to take meaningful action to mitigate the impact of climatic changeand stop the planet from turning into “an uninhabitable hell for millions of people.”

Not mentioned in the article is the possibility that the earth’s entire equatorial region, and other regions like Bangledesh and even the Southern United States, could warm so much that they become uninhabitable for parts of the year. If temperatures increase enough, particularly in areas of high humidity, it may be impossible for people to go outside without overheating. From the same article:

Currently, the world is on course for a temperature increase of 3.2 degrees Celsius or more, unless industrialized nations can drastically cut their greenhouse gas emissions.

The time for a global, high-intensity, concerted effort to solve the global climate crisis is now.

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