Our World in distress – in photos

Some arresting 2020 images from Associated Press photographers:

In 2020, AP photographers captured a world in distress

From the article:

Behold, a world in distress: A 64-year-old woman weeps, hugging her husband as he lay dying in the COVID-19 unit of a California hospital. A crowded refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece, engulfed in flames, disgorges a string of migrants fleeing this hell on Earth. Rain-swept protesters, enraged by the death of George Floyd in police custody, rail against the system and the heavens. This is the world that Associated Press photographers captured in 2020, a world beset by every sort of catastrophe — natural and unnatural disaster, violent and non-violent conflict.

It is amazing how many things have gone wrong in 2020, some of which are grave harbingers of things that could get much worse in the future. Wildfires are likely to get worse. Refugee situations are likely to get worse as climate refugees become a thing. Pandemics are likely to get worse. Protests may get worse as conditions worsen. And do on. These photographs paint a picture of the distress humanity is witnessing in 2020.

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