The bees are disappearing

Many agricultural crops need bees in order to bear fruit. Unfortunately, humanity is killing off the bees. These two articles paint the picture:

A quarter of all known bee species haven’t been seen since the 1990s

“The number of bee species recorded worldwide has been sharply decreasing since the 1990s. Eduardo Zattara and Marcelo Aizen at the National University of Comahue in Argentina analysed how many wild bee species are observed each year as recorded in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility – a publicly available platform where researchers and citizens can record sightings of bee species. They found that there were a quarter fewer species reported between 2006 and 2015, as compared with the records we have from before 1990.”

Why are the bees declining? Gigantic fields with just one crop, plus pesticides, plus loss of habitat are the main problems cited.


“Due to their significant role as pollinators of plant life, bees have an outsized impact on the global ecosystem. The study notes the roughly 20,000 bee species are “are the most important group of insect pollinators” on Earth, contributing to the pollination of 85 percent of all cultivated crops. As a result, the decline in global bee species spells trouble for the planet — and the survival of people. “Insect decline is a hot topic now and bees are widely recognized as one of the most important pollinator groups,” Orr says.”

The loss of bees is similar to climate change, rainforest collapse and sea level rise. Rational human beings know these are huge problems that will eventually create an existential threat for billions of human beings. But we seem unable as a species to muster the energy or courage to solve the problems. Thus the time til doomsday ticks closer and closer. For example, if bee populations collapse, humans will not longer be able to eat many fruits, nuts and vegetables.

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