The Dakotas Deserve an “F or F-” for their behavior in the U.S. COVID Crisis

This is such an amazing, damning video:

The Dakotas lead the world in COVID-19 deaths per capita

This video contains so many memorable quotes, such as:

  • “It is so bad, the Dakotas North and South lead the world right now on a per capita basis when it comes to the number of people who are dying on a daily basis.”
  • “Politics has affected so much of what is happening here. People will fight you on the facts.”
  • “If you were grading it, it would be an F, probably and F-. It’s that bad.”
  • “In South Dakota, the debate over wearing a mask continues statewide… Around 50% of South Dakotans say they do not wear a mask.”

See also:

North, South Dakota resist COVID-19 restrictions despite infection rates

“Among the Reddest of Red states, North Dakota largely put individual liberties ahead of collective health initiatives, only requiring masks once hospitals were overwhelmed. Neighboring South Dakota still has not.”

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