The risk of nuclear war keeps rising, thanks to “Tactical Nukes”

This Nuclear Arms Race Is Worse Than the Last One

Russia, for instance, increasingly sees smaller “tactical” warheads as a possible way to compensate for weaknesses in its other military forces. It’s conceivable that a conflict starting with hybrid warfare — ranging from disinformation campaigns to soldiers in unmarked uniforms — could escalate to a conventional war and a limited nuclear strike, inviting a counter strike and so forth.


There’s also speculation that India could soften its policy, adopted in 1998, never to be the first to use a nuclear weapon. Such thought experiments are no small matter for a country with two hostile and nuclear-armed neighbors, Pakistan and China. Just this week, India and China clashed again over their disputed border in the Himalayas. What North Korea could get up to in a crisis that it itself provokes is anybody’s guess.

The article also demonstrates how nuclear arsenals in the nine nuclear-capable countries are being upgraded and modernized.

There is nothing good for humanity in any of this. Humanity should be getting better, not worse. Humanity should be moving away from Doomsday scenarios, not toward them.

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