Power Grid Attack

In “The Doomsday Book” by Marshall Brain, a power grid attack could happen in two different ways: a) a physical attack or b) a cyberattack. In either case, the power grid is under demonstrable threat, and the effects could be devastating as a nation-wide or regional power failure grinds the economy to a halt. In the aftermath, looting, riots and eventually starvation kill millions of people. These videos bring grid attacks to life:

Blackout: The Power Outage That Left 50 Million without Electricity 
The Threat Against America’s Power Grid 
Heightened fears of U.S. terrorism after power grid attack
NYC Blackout: What It Was Like When the City Lost Power in 1977

Cyberattacks on the power grid

Russian cyberattack targets Ukrainian power grid; U.S. next? [See also “Cyber Attacks on Ukraine Power and Critical Infrastructure“]
Is America completely unprepared for a power grid cyberattack?
Can cyber-hackers shut down the power grid?

The Doomsday Book” by Marshall Brain lays out this scenario in amazing detail and offers solutions to prevent this doomsday scenario from unfolding. You can order the book today on Amazon and other retailers.