“Donald Trump is the most successful bio-terrorist in human history”

Dr. John Gartner: “Donald Trump is the most successful bio-terrorist in human history”

More than 135,000 Americans have now been killed by the coronavirus. Public health experts predict that hundreds of thousands or more may die unless the Trump administration and Republican governors in states such as Florida and Texas radically alter their public health policies by mandating that masks be worn in public. In some places, lockdowns may need to be reinstated.Instead, the Trump administration and its allies have decided that more people — including public school students, their teachers and their families — should fall ill and die as a means of creating a new “normal” where the disease is no longer viewed as an emergency. The evident goal is to sacrifice human beings for “capitalism” and “the economy” in order to salvage Donald Trump’s re-election chances. This is the “economics of barbarism” in practice.

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For more info see the Pandemics and Biological Attacks chapter.

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