Arctic Temperatures point toward extreme warming for the entire planet

This article paints a dire picture:

It’s Way Too Hot in the Arctic Right Now

From the article:

In the latest sign that the transformation of the Arctic continues full speed ahead, Svalbard hit a record high temperature for November on Wednesday. A station set on the mountain pass of Reindalspasset recorded a high of 49 degrees Fahrenheit (9.4 degrees Celsius). That is, to put it lightly, extremely not normal and very bad.

The “very bad” part is going to get even worse as humans pour more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The only solution is to immediately stop burning all fossile fuels and to start extracting carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to reverse the process:

Any hope of keeping Earth habitable now requires sucking carbon back out of the atmosphere, a new study found

From the article:

Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gas today, the Earth would continue warming for centuries. Arctic ice and permafrost are already on an irreversible path of melting. That’s the finding of new research published Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports. The model suggests that even if emissions were to drop to zero this year, global temperatures would ultimately rise to be 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit higher in 2500 than they were in 1850 (that’s 3 degrees Celsius).

Humans must take extraordinary steps now or watch a disaster unfold through multiple mechanisms:

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